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Taking Care Of Your Hoverboard

Taking Care Of Your Hoverboard

3 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Hoverboard

As with any new purchase, it is important you are taking care of your hoverboard. This is so that you can be assured of maximising the enjoyment of using it. A hoverboard is no different to any other electronic device that you may purchase. After all, they can be very expensive and therefore you want to make sure you are taking care of your hoverboard and not wasting your hard earned cash!

We have taken the time to provide a brief overview on ways of keeping your hoverboard in tip-top condition.

Storing Your Hoverboard

Whilst we understand that most people love using their hoverboards continuously, a time will come when you need to put it away.

Storing your hoverboard in a safe place to prevent damage…..or your sibling/wife/husband using it! Due to the way a hoverboard is manufactured and its important internal workings, it is important that you are storing your hoverboard in a clean, dry space.

It is not advisable to store your hoverboard in a garage for example. Due to moisture in the air, you run the risk of your hoverboard becoming damp, a big No! No! On the flip side of this, be mindful of storing in a dry space, where dust may occur. Leaving a hoverboard for a prolonged period of time, where dust has gathered can mean your hoverboard’s performance is compromised.

Cleaning Your Hoverboard

Cleaning?!! Really??

Yes we know that nobody likes cleaning. However if you want your hoverboard to be reliable and have the performance you expect, you are going to have to keep it clean.

Before you have a melt down, cleaning your hoverboard is a pretty simple task. From time to time, you are going to experience dirt on your hoverboard, due to the close proximity with the ground. The easiest method of cleaning your hoverboard would be with a wet wipe, where you can simply wipe the outer part effortlessly.

Don’t forget to check over the wheels, to make sure they are free of any dirt. As the wheels are located within a casing, it is not always easy to spot. A small brush is an ideal tool to use, when cleaning the wheels of your hoverboard.

Protecting Your Hoverboard

Having spent hard earned cash on your beloved hoverboard, you quite rightly want to make sure it’s always looking good. We understand that using your hoverboard frequently, will mean that signs of wear and tear will develop overtime. For example it is not uncommon for scratches or stone chips to show, due to how closely to the ground the hoverboard is being used.

One thing you can buy to prevent the risk of damage is a silicone cover which you can purchase through Amazon or why not take a look at our hoverboard accessories page.