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Buying A Hoverboard That’s Right For Me

Buying A Hoverboard

Buying A Hoverboard A Quick Guide

Buying a hoverboard is exciting, but with such a huge choice and wide range of brands and models, “Which one is right for me?” we hear you ask.

We have a compiled a list of common questions that potential buyers of hoverboards may have. However you cannot find the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us via our website and we will do our best to assist you.

What Size Hoverboard Should I Purchase?

When deciding on which size hoverboard to purchase, you need to consider the age of the person who will be using it and also their experience. The different sizes available range from around 6″ which is suited to younger or less experienced users. Hoverboards then have various different sizes increasing up to around 10″, which is an ideal hoverboard for the ultimate rider. An example of this being the Cool & Fun 10″ Electric Balance Scooter with Bluetooth. There are also other hoverboards available which are more ideal for going off road.

Do Hoverboards Have Weight Limits?

Each manufacturer of hoverboard will have their own guide on this. You should carefully check the manufacturer’s/seller’s advert. As a guide riders of 6″ to 8.5″ hoverboards should be no more than 15 stone (approx. 100 kgs). Riders who exceed this weight limit, can opt to purchase a 10″ hoverboard which has a weight limit guide of around 18 stone (approx. 115 kgs).

Is There A Minimum Weight You Should Be To Use A Hoverboard?

Yes in order for a hoverboard to be used, you need to be a minimum weight of 3 stone (approx. 20 kgs). This can vary depending on the brand of hoverboard you purchase, so please check details.

How Old Do You Need To Be To Use A Hoverboard?

It is recommended that users of hoverboards should be at least 8 years of age.

What Speed Can A Hoverboard Achieve?

Most models of hoverboards can achieve a maximum speed of up to 10 miles per hour (mph) or approx. 15 kilometres per hour (kph). Some hoverboards can achieve a top speed closer to 20 kilometres per hour (kph).

Can I Travel Far On A Hoverboard?

Hoverboards can be used for a maximum period of up to around 6-7 hours. This is dependent on the type of hoverboard you purchase and also if the battery is fully charged. Bear in mind that if you used the hoverboard for the full period of time until the battery was flat, it may take a minimum of 2 hours to fully charge the battery again.

What Extra Features Should I Look For?

Manufacturers of hoverboards are continually developing new features to add to their products. Many hoverboards have speakers built in, that can be used with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows the user of the hoverboard to listen to their favourite tunes, whilst out on their hoverboard. Another feature to look out for is LED lights, that many hoverboards now come with.

Of course there may be other questions you would like answering, when deciding on buying a hoverboard. One great resource to check is Best Hoverboards for 2018 or take a quick search of our website for hoverboards. Many manufacturers featured on our website, provide comprehensive information about their individual products.