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What You Need To Know About Hoverboards

what you need to know about hoverboards

If you are looking into buying a hoverboard, then take a look through our guide on what you need to know about hoverboards.

What Is A Hoverboard?

what you need to know about hoverboardsHoverboards are personal transporters equipped with a pair of motorized wheels attached to a foot board.  These devices are also called self-balancing scooters because riders are able to move around in any directions even if it does not have a handle attached to it.

To operate a hoverboard, you will just have to turn the device on and put your feet on two articulated pads found on top of the board. Once you are ready to go, you can lean forward to speed up or backward to slow down.  For the direction, you can easily turn left or right just by twisting the pads.

What makes up a hoverboard?

A hoverboard is made up of different electronic parts but for brevity, we will just discuss a few items. Just to give you an idea of what’s inside your scooter:

  • First, it has a pair of motorized rubber wheels These wheels are designed to carry a rider with weight of up to 120 Kg or 55 Kg. The wheels’ motor is connected to the foot board or articulated pad which controls the direction and speed of your scooter.
  • The most important part of the hoverboard is the gyroscope and sensor pad. This are the control parts of the scooter. The gyro is responsible to keep you balanced while in transit and the sensor pads makes your scooter move directions. Since it only has two wheels and no handle, it would be impossible to operate the hoverboard without these components.
  • And lastly, a fender to cover your wheels, in case you come acoss a muddy or wet floor.

How Does A Hoverboard Work?

Hoverboards run on rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs. Recharging time varies depending on the model of your scooter.  Most manufacturers recommend 3 hours of charging, but just to be sure, always check the manual.

In regards to the speed, a typical hoverboard can go up to 6 mph. However, you may still have to consider the weight of the rider as well.

How long does a hoverboard battery last?

what you need to know about hoverboards

Depending on how fast you go and the distance you travel, a hoverboard’s battery life may vary. On the average, you should be able to run approximately 8 miles with your hoverboard on a flat surface in a single charge. Again, it’s best to read the manual to see the actual charging information of your hoverboard.

Where Did Hoverboards Came From?

It’s not really clear where these self-balancing scooters started.  As we searched for the history of this amazing board, we found out that a business man named Shane Chen filed a patent in the US for the device in 2013.

Chen’s company Inventix was enjoying the success with their hoverboards, patented as Hovertrax, until manufacturers in China, particularly from the Shenzen Region, also began to produce similar products. This lead to Chen filing suits against these companies. In April 2015, Ninebot, one of the manufacturers of hoverboards in China, acquired Segway Inc. In order to resolve the patent issue. The company claims that it holds the patent for self-balancing scooters  On the same year, Mark Cuban purchased the Hovertrax patent from Chen.

From the first year it was sold, hoverboards was a hit and became one of the hottest products in the market. This self-balancing scooter became so popular, thanks to the endorsements by many celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and Wiz Khalifa

How come it was named “Hoverboard”?

Naming these scooters “hoverboard” has sparked many discussions about the use of its term. It’s kinda weird as the term was first used in a 1989 film “Back to the Future Part 2” which described  as a “skateboard-like device that floats above the ground”.  The concept of this fictional device can be traced back to a science fiction novel by M.K Joseph in 1967.

In 1999, the term “hoverboard” was first used a commercial name which refers to a wheeled scooter.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using these self balancing scooters has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Before getting one, you can check a few pros and cons which we have listed:


  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Most of the hoverboards come with a bag to make it easy for you to carry anywhere.
  • Ease of travel. Scooters were designed to transport people for a short distance.  Once you learn how to use these self-balancing boards, it will be easier for you to move around faster than just by merely walking.
  • Cost Efficiency. Since these scooters runs on rechargeable batteries to move you around, you will only have to plug it in and you’re ready you use it again. As we said earlier, a single 3 hour charge of your scooter is already sufficient for a short travel of 8 miles.
  • Many choices. The influx of these scooters in the market offered many choices which may work to your advantage. There are a lot of options now which allows you to choose the best hoverboards for you based on quality, budget, performance, availability of spare parts, etc. You only need to be keen on every detail of each option as their features may vary.


  • Keep in mind that these scooters run on two wheels and does not have a handle to hold on.  Although it has its own balancing feature using a gyro, the rider still need to practice operating this device.  As with any other transport devices, it’s best to wear safety gears such as a helmet and protective pads like knee guards, elbow pads and wrist protectors.
  • Risk of battery overheat. Hoverboards run on Lithium Ion batteries. These battery packs are highly at risk of overheating, therefore, caution is advised.

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are indeed very popular because of its functionality.  These devices not only offers a fun way to move around, it also helps you travel faster, even for just a short distance.  However, when using these transport devices, always keep in mind all safety measures in order to enjoy its benefits. Have fun!